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this is how i feel then yeah thats it…

im such an idiot  thats how i feel and i dont know why most of my songs are stupid but who is actually gonna tell me that they spare the nice guys feelings but they could care less


barack’s inagauration is tomorrow watch it  please


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15 thoughts on “this is how i feel then yeah thats it…

  1. ur songs r not stupid and ur not an idoit.

  2. Fly1623 on said:

    Yeah i am and they r stupid

  3. yodoggy22 on said:

    Fly you have to stop doing this to urself! ur not stupid,or dumb, or an idiot, or anything else you think you are. ur songs are amazing. keep doing what ur doing. it makes me happy

  4. Fly1623 on said:

    If u say so im glad i made at least one person happy

  5. yodoggy22 on said:

    you Did make me happy be proud of urself

  6. Fly1623 on said:

    I dont think thats possible i dont even remember the last time i was proud of myself

  7. lunalooney on said:

    fly you are not an idiot and your songs arent stupid be happy please?


  8. fly1623 on said:

    im not happy

  9. yodoggy22 on said:

    If your friends don’t make you happy what will?

  10. Fly1623 on said:

    Cake maybe i dont really know but you dont have to worry about it

  11. gives fly a huge sheet cake with candles and sprinkles.

  12. Fly1623 on said:

    Thanks cord but dont worry u dont have to care anymore

  13. Fly1623 on said:

    I dont want to be a burden or problem to you or anyone else so just quit caring and forget about me

  14. dawn1798 on said:

    But fly! We cant actually do that! ur not a problem! ur no idiot and neither r ur songs. hugz? no sad.

  15. fly1623 on said:

    yeah you can for some of you guys it would be easy. its possible that im not a problem but i am a idiot my songs idk they are not good but if you all say they are i guess thats something.

    im pathetic

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