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this is Song #2 i call it As Long as You Are Happy wrote it for my friend i guess

what do you want me to do what can i do for you today to see your beautiful smile that i love to see it makes me happy how about you i love your wonderful laugh i could listen to your voice all day ill stay with you until you get mad and tell me to go away if you invite me into your house then you tell me to get gone ill wait right outside the door until you werent mad anymore i cant stand to see you cry i would love for you to be happy ill do whatever it takes to bring you joy if you are mad at me and you had a restraining order that required me to stay 500 feet away from you i would go no more and stay no less i could be whatever you want me to i could go whenever you needed me just call me and ill be there for you not only because i love you but also because i cant stand to see you sad i will stay out in the coldest weather and the thing to keep me warm would be my love for you i would stand in the sweltering heat with 20 layers of clothes on if it made you happy whatever makes you happy i would do if everyone wanted me to leave and you wanted me to stay i would stay with you for forever until you got bored and tired of me if you didnt need anything when you were sad i could be your nothing i would love to be your nothing if everyone left and you were out of time always hugging the air i could be your air if it made you happy whatever it takes to make you happy your happiness is what brings me joy and if you wanted me to stop breathing or you wanted me to leave i will go with a smile on my  face because at least i made you happy  you are my happiness stay awesome

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4 thoughts on “this is Song #2 i call it As Long as You Are Happy wrote it for my friend i guess

  1. it brought tears. hugs, cord

  2. queen22rocks on said:

    Aww that is so touching. Oh and yes it is Queen i like you blog check mine out……

  3. yodoggy22 on said:

    aww that’s so cute

  4. Fly1623 on said:

    I wrote this song for one of my friends and the only thing that made me happy was that they liked it and i would write them another one but its gonna sound stupid and the words wont mean anything special like how i think they would like it making people happy is my joy if could just make them happy again i think i would be ok

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