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keep my name out of your mouth

how do you want me to feel? what do you expect from me?
one moment you want me and next you are gone like the wind
your good at what you do and everyone has reason to be proud of you
there are many people not a select few who are blessed just because they are talking to you
what do you want me to say? how would you like me to respond? What would make you happy?
the answers i dont know
what you want i try to provide
i keep most of how i feel inside and enjoy the happy ride
quit complaining and embrace live extol yourself to the highest and remain humble in what you do
its time to quit worrying about me and focus on you

You are awesome! we all are, we inspire each other’s awesomeness and be our best selves that we can be so keep my name out of your mouth and show yourself how much you love you

Tough love

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