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24 hours

what i can do in a day and in a night is harmless to anyone what i think in the day is school sad to say night is a different story i wish to say its thought full of glory but thats not me night or day looking outside im already lost not knowing how to get anywhere but inside with a key life seems something to celebrate everyday live like we dying is what they say love and dying makes us crazy do things extraordinary makes us be different knowing its a different moment 24 hours turns to 365 days and in all those days we think what to say and use our actions wisely wish i could tell you mine but i dont have the time it seems to fly when you have fun and sit when your bored right now im in the middle running around the days and loving every second is great


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One thought on “24 hours

  1. time flies, i guess theres none to waste. i like ur other poem where it says how a corner needs two walls. Thats so deep just like u.

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