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breaking my silence

i talked to a teacher and a guidance counselor. i decided to speak up. idk if i did the right thing per say but i know im moving forward

have an awesome weekend!!


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One thought on “breaking my silence

  1. Fly1623 on said:

    How much further did i move? I told my mom on two seperate occasions but nothing has happened. Me telling my mom and not getting any help makes me wonder who is the right person to tell because obviously im not getting the help. I am trying to get it maybe not hard enough. Maybe i shouldnt try. I have even told a few friends but i know they cant do much about it. I guess i could try the guidance counselor again but my mom would get mad at me getting the school involved.. So yeah sometimes effort counts and sometimes it doesnt matter as long as you know you tried.

say something, anything at all. i would love to hear from you :) if not, have an awesome day anyway!

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