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i dont really know what to say. ive been talking to a friend thats been awesome. its helped me see things a little better.

when lifes unstable read a fable find the lies and realize that your life is just fine. however you feel it cant be too bad because you are never alone.theres going to be a time when you want to break down and cry but theres going to be a time after that when you stop crying get back up and be strong once again. theres something you learn everyday you use your brain everyday you learn even when you’re down you are going to get up when you’re out of breath its going to return

wash the dishes sweep the floor clean your room it all sounds like chores but its only preparing you for more. as we get older we must do our part and as long as we dont forget things we can still be considered smart. whether you have no friends or one life is never done you can go out and make some use your imagination if you have to let the magic surround you

just something. maybe another time i will write another thing. who knows..


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3 thoughts on “just something

  1. flippy on said:

    this is amazing! i like the first one its awesome

  2. A+ would read again

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