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a song written once

Everytime I think of you I think of something new

From your name I get a smile
A smile that keeps me going for a good while
With that smile comes brightness
an awesome light that never fades
even at night
From the name, smile, and brightness
I think of a shiny coin and the
green dollar
I think of your smile and see
you in movies
The laugh that you have stops any
The warmness of your voice is a
sweet sound
Everytime I think of you I think of
a balloon floating up and not coming down
flying past the stars and overachieving
crashing through the limitations like a artist
creating new inspirations
Everytime I think of you I think of a car
being jumpstarted you encourage me the
hardest truly gold-hearted telling me
to follow dreams (aspirations) anyone
can make it
Everytime I think of you this won’t end it’s always something new
new goals more dreams
thanks to you I achieve many things for the words you’ve
told me they molded me shaped
me for the better
Everytime I think of you I think that
I love you always and forever

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5 thoughts on “a song written once

  1. Omg! that’s beautiful. What a special thing to write for me. I’m going to treasure it forever! You can do anything you want to! Just remember how special u r.

  2. fly1623 on said:

    I plan on putting music to this eventually.

  3. Your words are like bullets, they hit me, you have a great post! Please continue sharing something good like this.

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