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a whole lot of nothing. and then some

well i had a dream and in my dream i knew exactly what i was going to write but now i dont remember. well i wanted to say that im going to be tested for the yellow belt this friday and i know my form really well. my mom is going to be working so she wont be able to come so that kinda sucks. i cant decide between playing the drums or the keyboard. my mom is all like: do whatever you want and my dad is all like: you should play the keyboard and im all like: ok

yeah so idk but i have until thursday. guitar class in school is going well im trying to learn how to play songs with chords but they dont sound like the way they are supposed to or how the person in the video plays them. i need a guitar pick.. oh! another thing is that in Taekwondo i need to get sparring gear and thats like $150 but i need to get $44 first to pay a debt. then i still need to pay club dues. other than that nothing new and still feeling the same trying not to let it affect school though

have a good day


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