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Invisible Children

Today was the first time I have heard about the Invisible Children program and it really had an impact on how I look at things. They acme to My school and spoke about what they do. For those of you who don’t know, Invisible Children is a program which advocates for ending the war in Uganda between the North and South, as well as the child soldier rectuitment. They travel to many places to speak about their cause and tell people what they can do to become a part of it. Everyone should get involved in this campaign to end the longest running war in Uganda and send the children home.

The child soldiers who are currently being recruited are only around 9 years old; such an innocent age. It is absolutely horrifying the events that are taking place in Uganda. These children are abducted from their families by a man named Joseph Kony, and are then brainwashed to kill. They are forced to witness violent, brutal killings right before their eyes and are told that if they do not follow every command given to them, they will be killed as well. Sometimes they are even forced to kill their own parents. Many of them have witnessed their siblings being murdered before them. How can anyone statd to let this go on? This kind of violence must be stopped, but can only be done with the help of Uganda’s fellow nations. These children are innocent and are being taken from their homes, their families, and turned into savages by force. Kony must be stopped and there is no way this is going to be accomplished without your help.

Please visit for more information as well as to find out what you can do to join the cause. This cannot go on any longer, so please, take a stand on morality and do your part to make it end.


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