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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope your day was fun… and you ate turkey lol. Whats your favorite part of Thanksgiving??? :O AND WHOS GOING SHOPPING TOMORROW MORNING?!?!?! 😀 Have fun if you do! Glad we have a vacation this week. Nice time to get loads of homework finished! anyway…. yup. Nothing more to say but enjoy the rest of your day… and life… and …. ya. But wait! While its still thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family… my bestest estest friend, all my other awesome friends, my house, food, and super dee dooper life. lol…. idk…… 🙂 What are you thinkful for?

BY THE WAY!!!! For those of you who ate turkey I hope you all know what horrible people you are. Poor turkey.See how innocent it looks? v_____ …..much like the one you MURDERED and ate for dinner tonight if you did. 😀 lol jkjk actually not jk but u get it…………………… anyway have a nice year/life/day/yup/hahaha im having too much fun here/bye.


Gobble Gobble "Im Innocent!" 🙂







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