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30 January, 2011 21:50

if i could post about the things happening in my life with detail i would have a much more interesting blog for you to read. wish i could but i cant.

i was thinking should i advertise for this site in different places? i dont write as much as i used to so i dont want to do false advertising and things. just an idea

some stuff i looked at today:

i looked at a lot more things than that but those were important

tell me what you think of the video i thought it was cool and clever

there was this movie To Save A Life. i didnt watch it but my mom had it playing upstairs and i was listening, it sounded so good that i had to look it up. i put the movie site in that list. check out all the links if you have time and explore the movie site because thats where i got most of the links from

thank you so much. i hope to write again


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