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nervous maybe happy. to the point that its gotten confusing where i dont know what to say besides hey..if i can get that far. fear holds you back and tries to limit you while courage pushes you past your comfort zone and into a new place. When we were young things used to be much simpler and when im years older from now i probably will have the same idea. Progress cant be stopped i think it can only go two ways: good or bad. Bad progress can be improved so there is no such thing as bad progress. Things change for the better dont they? Sometimes at the moment you may think its the worst thing that could ever happen but later you could realize that if it were not for this change you probably wouldnt be as strong as you are now and no where near as much as you have grown. You grow in a way everyday. It could be smarter or taller or even faster. there are always improvements. Sometimes if you sit down and take a while to think about it you notice things.


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