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i should have put a date on this..but here written a couple days or maybe weeks? ago

Taking a test is like dodging bullets; Performing well under-fire with every question challenging you to think and psyche you out and going against the rush of adrenaline because the time is going by really fast you answer the questions one by one left and right your confidence is high you feel like your soaring you flip the paper over your on the last answer then you feel stares over your shoulder you look up raise your hand the teacher comes collects your test you think good job then oh man. now you have to dodge stares and glares from the eyes that are pleading with you for answers, constantly check the clock your heart rate slows down and time doesn’t seem to move the teacher walks by your desk for the tenth time someone has fallen asleep they’re counting sheep you wish you could do the same instead your full of shame when you should be proud. all you really want to do is scream out loud. Even though you aren’t satisfied you don’t have to worry because at least you passed the test….still stressed. This is only one class, the easiest one at that it’s no wonder you are ashamed it would be a miracle if this goal was attained at another place I’m sure it wouldn’t work that way because you must study and we don’t do that we really don’t read books. Worried that in college it will be 200 times harder; this is only a starter.

                  What am I to do? It’s a question ask you instead of me because I’m down to one knee, run out of rope, and the end has surpassed me. There is no more time, I must make things up from this point out. The writing rush is fading all of the above was inspired by a test I took in Spanish written exactly after I finished. Wow!


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