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Spanish Notes and a little personal history

* Spain

  • Andalucia is a region of Spain that exports olive oil worldwide.
  • Miguel de Cervantes’ wrote a very famous Spanish novel called Don Quijote de La Mancha.
  • Barcelona is known for the sardana, a type of dance.
  • Galicia is known for the gaita.
  • La Feria de Abril en Sevilla Seville celebrates its annual Feria de abril with parades, flowers, and brightly-colored traditional costumes.
  • Paella is a well-known dish made of rice, vegetables, seafood, chicken, and sausage.
  • Las cuevas de Altamira caves that are famous for the prehistoric art on their walls.

* Puerto Rico

  • El coqui The tiny coqui, named for the loud sound it makes, is a symbol of Puerto Rico.
  • El Yunque, the Caribbean National Forest, is the largest forest in Puerto Rico. It has a total area of 113km2 and is known for its many species of plants and animals.
  • Habichuelas are beans, a Puerto Rican staple often eaten with rice and chicken or beef.
  • Las mascaras de vejigante Vejigante masks can be made out of dried coconut shell. They sometimes have horns and are often painted black or red.
  • El Morro a spanish fortress in 1539 construction began. Strategic position and six-meter-think outer walls made it the most important in the Caribbean.

* Texas

  • Tostaditas con salsa Chips and sals is the official state snack of Texas.

* Costa Rica

  • Olla de carne is a traditional stew made out of meat with vegetables such as sweet potatoes, squash, corn, and potatoes. (Cooked in Costa Rica)

Is cutting a sin? What if breathing was a sin? What if we couldn’t die? I did not know what a curse word was until I reached middle school. I think I told someone shut up once and at that school it was a very big deal. That’s when I started lying. I don’t lie about that many things but there was this point where I told a lie I shouldn’t have. And maybe if i had not told it I would not have lost all the friends I had. I lied not only to others but to myself (I continually lie to myself its become a habit, but that’s another story) I lied about who I was (who I am now) I made a new name new age and many new friends. It all changed when I got distressed and somehow fell in love. With my new found friendships I explored boundaries and passed lines, some still talk to me, others I wish they would. One line I passed was space (when I trust you I open up, and let’s say I’m a pest) I constantly asked questions or talked, like an alarm you can’t turn off. With new friends the bond grew stronger with each day until I crossed another line. Another line I crossed is feelings, (it doesn’t take me more than an hour for me to like you) I don’t know how it just happened. Some friends I tested and pushed their buttons and some stayed with me, others grew busy. One day I went past everything and that’s how the lie ended that “new” life I made a friend mad and because they knew the truth they went and told the one I love who was my best friend. My best friend in turn told all my other friends. It was an uproar everyone was upset no one happy. My friend stopped being my friend, then months passed. Facebook became popular and some friends talked to me again. No longer mad but not as happy. My best friend is now my friend and the feeling they once had have definitely changed but mines are still there. I’ll always wait. Of course there is more to this story but because of the nature of it I changed names, didn’t mention gender, and I just wanted to give you personal history. Moral: It’s not good to lie.


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