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The choices we make

We can’t be stopped only inspired the choices we make were fluently influenced by the people we admired. I want you to see me deep but what I appear is really weak I can’t pretend I’m strong. I wrote this for you but I didn’t tell you, I ripped every letter from thepages of my heart. You keep me open, shaken, hopefully outspoken. One day it would be weird for me to say it, hopelessly too late. If you were to read this here it would be most awkward. I love how you care its almost funny. I consider it motherly, yet you take me well. Unlike her you make me quiet instead of yell. I applaud you on the beauty. I degrade me for not searching harder. I want to know you beneath the surface but I’m sure to forget or I will go too far. I’m not trying to take that risk all I want to do is slit my wrists. I know I shouldn’t its a cruel joke but this life is a cruel world and love a cruel mistress. There’s someone better you know & like more than me & even if it wasn’t them I’m positive you wouldn’t turn my way no matter what I had. You are with God and I should be too. persuade me could you reach me. kill me before I do. How can I share or spread the word? other than say I’m broken. I want to thank you not Him but it was he who led you in my general direction. I have to stop maybe I want to be this way. Lost and broken. I just want you with me. I want your love, attention, and tender affection. Misery loves company..


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