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Here we go again moving past ten pushing through pain. We make it so we’re invincible barely convincing. I can almost see what we’re missing, even though it is invisible. It’s still considered vunerable. We can’t ignore something that always returns we can only make friends with the solid concerns. They care for certain there is nothing hiding underneath the curtain. My friend was telling me about God and salvation. They asked ” What would salvation be if it doesn’t save us?” and I said “It would be an excuse (mask) to act a certain way” And somehow I said something about lying..this conversation was a while ago. Anyway they said (“God’s love is greater than how many times you go against him!” that’s my favorite thing they said) “There is no mask behind the truth” They truly believe God is amazing and its awesome hearing them talk about Him. With excitement, conviction, love, and passion. An awesome friend that helps whenever possible…wow I got off topic.. What’s this about? Hold on, I am going to read this again then maybe go back on topic if I’m not done..I have no idea where my mind was sorry guess I’m done. Ty 4 reading


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One thought on “no title

  1. fly1623 on said:

    when I re-type these things I leave it exactly the same as how I write it. The only difference in this post is the things in parentheses? I added those things in there just now.

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