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this is how you are better.. hope you don’t mind it here

if you mind let me know i’ll take it off as soon as that same hour.
you know i don’t really know how to explain it and especially now because you’re busy and if you’re not i say you are

We are in the same grade but you do more. Just look at the activities and organizations you actively participate in, and the things that you have done or used to do. You said you don’t talk to all of your friends but i wish i could text 200 friends and have at least 50 text back instead of texting 10 and maybe getting 1 person. I don’t know why I used that as an example.. but just the fact that you do more is what makes you better. your name sounds like it would take you places but maybe its because i dont like my name that i don’t think that for myself. but i never really follow through with anything i always start and quit something. it makes my head hurt to think about all the things that make you better but there is always a reason. and if i ever find the courage to give you the letter maybe you could better understand it, i taped it all up so i don’t write anymore because i would have kept going. i dont want you to read this but i guess i do or else i would not have wrote it..thank you for all of your help


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One thought on “this is how you are better.. hope you don’t mind it here

  1. Fly1623 on said:

    There are a lot of things i did not say. I did and do not have a lot of time now to say any more but there is more. This is one of the non important little things i would want to talk to you about. I wanted to say something but i forgot sorry. This is the stuff i don’t want to bother you with or text you about or anything. I wonder what am i doing with my life? You’re doing so much. If i think about it it doesn’t help. Sorry.

say something, anything at all. i would love to hear from you :) if not, have an awesome day anyway!

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