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when i type here or talk here however you want to say it i rarely feel bad well i do but not as much as i normally would if i was sending a message or text to someone. i dont think about if im bothering you or anything like that, well right now i am but i dont usually. i really like english 3 class because we are focusing on Emily Dickinson. its very cool learning about her. but back to this place. i think the years this first started were my best years of writing, not like im done writing but i dont write as much as i used to and i definitely see things differently now then i did before. so how are you? man im so random in my mind. i have homework to do and projects to finish but i wanted to write something first. well ok. nosotros tenemos dormimos a veces. (i hope i said: we have to sleep sometines) still need Spanish practice. nos vemos. (see you.)


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One thought on “this place

  1. fly1623 on said:

    yo necesito practicar espanol mucho (i need to practice spanish alot) i havent taken it in a long time, I would like someone to speak it with that would be awesome practice!

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