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great resource

its a wonderful resource. it does not only talk about suicide. it provides a list of other websites pertaining to: rape, self-injury, eating disorders, alcoholism, grief and loss. Many other things. They support schools, firefighters, police officers, and a lot of other things. It also provides numbers and hotlines availble to call.

The Executive Director: Kevin Caruso he is cool

The website also provides stories about some of the experiences.

One of the things i really liked about all the things said, is at the end of the letters or near the very end he says i love you!
and God Bless in some of them or all of them i didn’t pay attention to that just the i love you part

I don’t know about you but that just makes me feel special, the first three i was like ok im sure he is just saying that but then i read more and more stories and i felt like he really meant it and he is reaching out to help and all that good stuff.

Check it out, it’s very helpful.


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