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no title in mind

its almost 2 am i finished 1 project im working on another and on algebra 2 homework. i dont know why i feel like writing. i know im sleepy, i was on google just now searching how to make a floor plan and i put how to wake up. thinking about this place wakes me up because there is so much i want to do with it. i dont know what i was going to write about i didnt really think of anything except this one thing but its just a question. you know how ive been asking people for help sometimes whether its here, you, or elsewhere. i have been wondering if i am asking the right people? because the help seems to be there but its not doing anything, no action has been made. Thank you for the views, its great having people come by. its almost like a house warming šŸ™‚ in history class our teacher was kind of yelling at us in a funny way. he asked where does food come from and he was telling us about the real world, you have to work for things, they don’t magically appear. he also said there are not peopke in the world that will give you everything, my mom says that too she says the only person that really cares about me is her but that can’t be always true. man i could sit here typing forever, this calms me down typing stuff. but looking at the website itself makes me sleepy because its a tedious task having to change the theme and make the widgets and schedule posts to come on and i always look at the stats, see what everyone searched to get here. when i had posted the raven by edgar allan poe i saw many people had searched for him and i was thinking maybe people had that project to do too because i know kids now that now have to memorize a stanza from the raven just like our class had to.. anyway back to history class, the history teacher asked us where does food come from and one kid was like animals and the teacher was like oh is that right? so a cow just comes to your house and says moooo eat me please. a chicken just pecks at your door and says you can eat me? is that right? and the kid changed his answer to Publix. Thats like a grocery store. and the teacher said oh so your parents just run up in Publix count down from 5 and as soon as they open the doors they run in and grab everything they can and put it into a big bucket and they can just run out without having to


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2 thoughts on “no title in mind

  1. this was supposed to be posted earlier today but i was unable to finish because i was told to go to sleep. i will continue this later on

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