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Last Sunday, April 17th, Michael Jones was shot during a robbery in the park around 8:30 p.m.
Jones, who is a security guard, was walking to work across the park’s field when a man approached him and demanded his cell phone. When Jones refused, the man pulled out a shotgun and shot him point-blank in the stomach.
Jones, the father of a seven month old daughter, was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he continues to recover.

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the story about the kids getting beat up is the main focus but the reason i chose these two paragraphs as a main focus point is because of the shotgun. When you first start reading it, it sounds minor it goes just like any story should kind of like: boy meets girl girl meets boy boy smiles.. then you get to the part that says “When Jones refused,” and that is like the whole climax of that story. A shotgun in the stomach? after reading that I thought for sure this man had died i mean i don’t know much about life but don’t you lose a lot of blood when you get shot and a shotgun sprays bullets at different angles or something like that dont they? dont think about it too much… and then i read the last paragraph and it mentioned he was a father and says how he was rushed to the hospital those last four words just reignites hope because it says “where he continues to recover.”

This story is about a teen who died and he was pulled from the water by police. I don’t have a reason behind wanting to share this story other than just wanting to share it.


I read this excerpt from a book called Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gillman. I really enjoyed the excerpt, someday i will read the book.

Remember how i said i have a lot of untold inspirations but i could not find the paper? my guess is that i lost the paper.

How did you like the poem by Emily Dickinson?

There is information I would like to put up: about the poets, about and about other things but whenever i’m here i dont know which order to go in and how could i relate it to what i want to say.

I hope you had a great day.

There is a disease named after Slyvia Plath called The Slyvia Plath Effect and it is suggested that female creative writers are more likely to develop mental illness than any other types of writers. But do some research on your own i just thought it was interesting.

Yesterday I saw Taio Cruz for the first time. I never knew what he looked like before and i was on youtube and i watched the Dynamite video. I only listen to the radio and on tv i watch kids shows and sometimes the news if I’m lucky.

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