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An announcement

I will try later today to write posts. All the posts written today were intended to be written yesterday. If i dont write these posts today i will try to this week and i will put yesterday’s date on them.


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2 thoughts on “An announcement

  1. Fly1623 on said:

    I messed up the internet on the computer and won’t be able to post today. Maybe later sorry

  2. Fly1623 on said:

    Ive had this blog for 4 years guys.. Since 2008. Ive talked about a range of topics and even added some new things. A president has 4 years then its election time. You know i want to give up most the time. Im not doing a good job here i dont know how i got the idea to make a blog..oh yeah my best friend inspired me and from then ive always write. If not for those friends during those time if not for me creating this blog and having a place to let out my feelings i would have kept it inside and i would be a million times worse than how i am now. I really must thank you for all of your support, just by coming and reading this you inspire me so much. Thank you again. You are amazing and awesome! Thank you so much really. I dont know what i would do if i didnt have you. You totally inspire me and motivate me and give me courage to go beyond what i already do. Just look back and go forward notice the transformation. Thank you for all of your help! 😀

say something, anything at all. i would love to hear from you :) if not, have an awesome day anyway!

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