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Not a thing~not deep

Help is what i want and ask for. Im afraid to do it directly i hide behind mystery knowing you know its me. I almost lost it i feel like cursing and the people who calm me are probably sleeping im not going to bother them to find out. Its that same inaction that would make someone go unnoticed and the guilt start. What if someone needed you right now but because of being stubborn or out of fear they didnt reach out to you? What if the last thing you say to someone is the last thing you ever say? Is that how you want to be remembered? There is this friend i push away but want to say i love you. This friend i want to talk to knowing i have nothing good to bring to the table. I know i bother people that is why no one responds, it only breaks my heart. You truly die alone. My english teacher said whenever someone dies or right before they die a fly comes in the room. Emily Dickinson. I’ll try to write a post later if i dont fall asleep.. Hope you’re doing better than i am


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2 thoughts on “Not a thing~not deep

  1. Fly1623 on said:

    The reference to Emily Dickinson is because she wrote a poem called: I heard a fly buzz when i died. or something like that, her poems were not meant to have titles so the titles you see are just the first line of each poem. My teacher likes: tell the truth but tell it slant.

  2. Fly1623 on said:

    I broke my glasses. Not on purpose though. No matter how mad i am i wouldnt damage something i didnt pay for myself on purpose. So yeah im going to get new glasses in a few days. Earlier after that first comment i wanted to express how angry i was but its ok. Im not as mad but last night i dont know but i fell asleep but i didnt plan to. I was mad at myself and i almost took it out on a friend and they went to sleep before i said anything too out of line. One time i told another friend i was out of line and they said what line. That just shows how most the things im upset about come from my mind most the time. I make a bog deal out of nothing. The posts are coming i havent forgotten.

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