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day 4- i dont even know

today was such a bad day i cant even fake it and make it seem ok

there is alot i could write about i dont remember what i was going to write for yesterday maybe i will remember it later or after the month is over. the thing about this writing everyday for a month is that i dont want to have anything pre-written- im sure Emily Dickinson did not write two poems a day then transposed them into her diary or wherever for the next day, she wrote a poem for everyday of the year!

i cant do that i have too much to do but i could try and write 3 times a day, at least 2 times- once in the morning and if at school i could write during luch. night time isnt always a possibility

any ideas on how to talk to someone you’re afraid of? because i could use some help with that i could really use some help in general.

i have not checked the views lately but wow there has been a lot~ through the blog profile on Facebook i have made a lot of new and interesting as well as multi-talented friends its awesome!

i think Emily Dickinson must have found inspiration from everything because I’m having a hard time thinking of things to write. sometimes i want to write in the morning and i get great ideas in the afternoon but im not free to use the computer until the night time or later and by that time the ideas i forget, would it be cheating to write those ideas down? then i could just put like however many ideas into one post and make room for more ideas in the next day.

here’s a post idea or just a question that i had..nevermind my phone died so i will have to post it later. sorry didn’t do that on purpose.

how was your day? mine wasn’t that good but i already said that..sorry again

have a great night! thank you for reading i really appreciate it 🙂


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