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Good morning

in this thing i will be explaining my long abscence from writing and possibly writing some random things. hopefully i will space it out or it will be a really long paragraph~ how i usually write poems and stuff

on may 6 i didnt mean to not write i was busy or too tired. from the following days i kept thinking just to post by email but i was afraid afraid people would be upset and embarassed because i didnt have anything new to write and on those days when i did think of things to write i didnt write them down and i didnt think they were good enough
well now i have some things that i did manage to write down and there are alot of unorganized papers that i have to look through to find anything else other than what i have written using my phone
i have made new friends i have made a like page on Facebook called Fly1623 Blog so like that if you want to. I dont know what wmost people have and i know im not that famous a person so it wouldnt make much sense to create a lot of profiles for different things if not alot of people go to it

here is one thing i wrote: Ever scare a little kid? We’re playing with fear. If we can play with it, what is there to be afraid of.

MY thoughts: later in history class we learned a quote from FDR-Franklin Delano Roosevelt “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”

one day i wrote a post i forget which one but i said that im only a problem that cant be solved or a choice that isnt good or something like that well the post i put up yesterday about the video Amazing by Kanye West and Featuring Jay-Z (i hope thats who it is, all i paid attention to was the lyrics and kanye west) those lyrics kind of say the things that i say which is why i shared it. and the lady singing Lisa Song is amazing i listened to some of her videos. i also listened to another singer Ebonique and i learned about this song by Sam Cooke called A Change Gonna Come. I listened to Ebonique sing it Julia Mattes or somthing like that and this amazingly talented guy named Antonio sing it.
If you listen to Radio Disney make sure to listen out on June 11 because on that day Christina will have her single playing i think it’s called “Advice” on June 13 is her album release. June 29 she is going on tour with Selena Gomez they will be touring 30 cities! Check out Christina Grimmie on Facebook she has a store with awesome things like shirts and there is even a guitar pick necklace with her name and like piano keys its awesome you got to check it out because im not a good description giver lol
well– i lost my train of thought.

the new friends i have made has inspired me they have amazing work and awesome insights and great life experience some of them even have books out! which is very amazing

There is one poet/writer (i dont know which they would prefer) named Lisa Brown who wrote something and with her permission im allowed to post one of her poems on here 🙂 its going to be the post after the next one i will be writing

if i can get more permission from other people maybe i will be able to post more amazing work but also if you havent looked on facebook or dont have a facebook you could get one and add anyone with poet or poetry in their name and just read works sometimes, most people write using their notes on Facebook. If you dont have one you could get one but the thing is that you kind of waste time and if you are a busy or dedicated person i dont think you would want to waste time getting distracted and diverting from your goal. Stay focused.

Speaking of goals, a lot of my friends at school want to be pediatric nurses (nurses for kids). My mom wants me to be a doctor. well, my friends are on the right track, they are smart and they have joined this medical program at school, current they are learning CPR. I know a lot of people who has gone into that program and all of my current friends encourage me to join. but i have not wanted to because im just not confident and before trying i have this mindset that its going to be hard, i think classes are full for next year already. Stay focused, if it sounds hard go for it.

ive been listening to the news alot this week, taking the advice of my history teacher who says: “if you dont know what is going on in the world today then you have a problem, that is a big problem” i have been listening to news from different states like new jersey, florida, new york, and CT to name a few.

I keep losing my train of thought so i think i am done here for today. I would write about how i feel right now but i just got back (just started writing here again after a number of days) and im sure you dont want to hear that stuff 🙂

have a great day!


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