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morning of grace

that’s a really good title, isn’t it? i might use it again sometime

i havent written in a few days and now that im writing i dont know what im going to write, i have nothing planned

i hope everyone has been doing good in school at work and in the other areas of life

some people are already on summer break, i hope everyone is having fun, maybe going on a special trip with special people or something, sounds awesome

the SAT for me is 7 days away. im taking a practice test and im going to try and study hard. don’t ever study last minute though, not good
after taking the SAT the ACT will be 7 days away for me. i dont know what to study with for that one. I’m going to be doing writing for both of them.

i hope you have a great day, this whole week im gong to be writing positive things to promote positive thinking during test day and i hope that some stuff helps brighten your day or at least makes you smile

i might put some statement of truths up..i had some earlier but i think i forgot maybe i wont do that..i will try to wrtie something until test day i dont know what exactly, yet so stay tuned and thank you for reading.

have a great day


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