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10/2/07 Language Arts: Homework

Write 5 different types of hooks about the topic on the last page.

               the topic is violence

  1.  Picture this: your child is walking to school there are cars passing by but no one else is on the road and out of nowhere two people come from around the corner and start fighting and your child gets in their way and they start beating up your child
  2. Bang! That was the only sound heard followed by the sirens one kid got shot in a shootout he was caught in the middle of the crossfire. When the ambulance go there it was too late he was already dead. More of the story will be released at 6:00 on the channel seven news.
  3. How would you react if someone came out of the drakness and put you at gunpoint? Your reaction would probably be scared or maybe you won’t have a reaction. Some people would try to fight and some won’t. What would you do if you were in that situation?
  4. Call an ambulance he’s been shot! That’s what everyone kept saying around the neighborhood. When the ambulance came they took him to the emergency room. Then an hour later boy had been released from the hospital and while he was walking home he got shot four times and he didn’t make it to the hospital in time.
  5. Imagine yourself walking into the store and you walk right in the middle of a robbery you look around and Bam! when you wake up you find yourself in a hospital with one broken leg and a concussion because he (you) got hit so hard.

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