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i didnt want to write anything negative in between two positive things (the post above and the post below)   i havent written something in a long time though

this summer tomorrow for 5 days we’re going on a trip to an amusement park and someday the Kennedy Space Center

sometime i dont know when i will be getting eye surgey

i havent written because i dont have anything to say other than negative things and talk about myself or something else

this summer i applied to a college and realized i dont have any notable accomplishments

still looking for writers, there are a lot of links i have yet to put up

lately i havent been thinking good.

this summer after the 5 day trip we’re going to resume the tae kwon do  

i had stopped because of school and even though i kept telling myself to continue i never put the plan into action

i dont have a poem or anything. when i get ideas i stop thinking about them, knowing i dont have time to write them down and i think no one visits here     but im so wrong, the views were in the 5oo’s and now that number has dramatically risen


“people kill themselves everyday” -my mom’s boyfriend

there’s about 80 daily and 1500 attempts  

i read about suicide but can never really remember the facts correctly  so you might want to check that  has some facts definitely

i like knowing that there is help available and that getting better isnt something you have to do alone

i think the world is connected through feelings: thats how protests and board meetings and collective bargaining situations come about, when we all can come to an agreement that something needs to be done

i had a dream about that well the meeting thing:  i wanted to talk to all my  friends at one time. tell them what i was thinking and how im feeling    but i felt embarrased because i dont know if some of my friends would like all of my friends and i dont want to be the cause for any trouble, i also felt afraid  what if everyone gets angry because i wasted their time.      maybe no one would get angry because friends do things for each other but i bet if i really did that not everyone would come.   im afraid of how people will react  i dont expect anyone to be happy about it but that would be nice.    in the dream everyone argues but they are all watching me to make sure i dont do anything  and on the inside im happy that i told them but then im mad because i made them argue     and then before anyone realizes it i do something    after that i wake up and everyone’s there

its a dream not impossible but i couldnt do that


i dont know what else to say, of course there is more but i have to go now. happy independence day





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