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a lesson learned

got back from vacation

on june 9 i learned that you’re not supposed to tell an adult or grown up “You eat your food”

my mom’s boyfriend yelled at me because that is what I said to him. He did it at the table in front of everyone and even yelled at my mom for not reacting first

said i was disrespectful and even mentioned that his kids even knew not to do that.. well i never knew that was disrespectful  my momm tells me all the time so i thought i could do the same. after calling me disrespectful he left the table

well the way he talks is on purpose to make you feel bad he points his finger at you and just talks in a bad tone and whenever he gives lectures he talks about himself like he is the best thing ever and he also with every lecture mentions his kids and how respectful or well-behaved they are.

i cried for a while.  how are you going to yell at me for something id dint know. and my mom was like i dont agree with the way he did it but what you said wasnt appropiate.  then i went to lay down. fell asleep. then had to go apologize   he didnt even have to apologize which i think he should have

i apologized and he was all like i accept but that was very disrespectful and you should know that and i was like but you have said the same thing to me and he was like no i havent and i was like yes you have and my mom was like lets just squash this.. and then i dont know but i told him i dont like him yelling at my mom and that my mom does a lot and that he doesnt do anything around the house.  he says i assume a lot of things.

mind you. during the whole conversation he assumed i only focus on the negative things and that i dont remember the good things that he has said to me

i didnt think about all that until after i left the room

anyway..he told me that he doesnt force my mom to do anything and that my mom is fine with the way he talks to her and my mom corroborated it. and he was like any problems they have  they can solve


when he uses examples he puts it in his favor.

anyway..we ended with a hug and we were fine for a few days




june 10

he went to the store. his kids and my brother were outside playing there was a problem. the older sister came out with a big stick and talked to them and i just said a few things. and then it was resolved

shortly after i hear someone yelling  its the kids yelling at my brother to ask first and i asked them what do you want him to ask about and they said i dont know and then i said something i dont remember and i told my brother to play with his toys

my mom’s boyfriend going to come in saying  whats going on  open the door.  he came through the back door. i opened it and he’s like thats how you talk to my children? when you talk to my children you need to talk to them like im here. if i hadnt heard your voice myself i wouldnt be able to accuse you.  then he walked away pointing his finger at me


now what sense does that make? he didnt tell me what he heard or what he even accused me of. he just got mad.

he could have gotten mad about how i asked them probably but whatever

then he came out and was like you just watch your brother and the older sister will watch the others  since its too much responsibility for you

and i was like ok..


anyway..i talked to his daughter later and she was like i dont like the way he treats you and i was like i dont like the way he talks to my mom and she was like yeah.  next time you fight i might take your side  and she told me some things about him that i promised not to share


i dont like calling him my stepdad. i dont shoot i just call him his name  and he always says i dont let any kid talk to me any kind of way and he always says that he doesnt have problems with kids and that he thinks he is cool


we have yet to talk about this accusation. my mom says she will address it.   i hope she does soon or i will confront him myself. i dont like being accused and not knowing what im accused of.  even in court dont they tell you the charges you have before they give you a trial?



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