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nice teacher.

hey. today was pretty ok. i told everyone i had a number of, to have a good day. i have a few tests and quizzes tomorrow, homework tonight.    the thing about today’s title is this:  i told my peer counseling class that i think negative about myself alot, we had to do ao mini-project called a Me-Bag (on the outside we put things about us, things everyone would know like if we are nice, and on the inside we put something personal or something we care about) I didnt put anything inside my bag, i just wrote low self-esteem

Today before class started my teacher asked to talk to me. She asked why do i think negative about myself, she said that i shouldnt and hearing that broke her heart. She told me that she thinks im a great person, since day one in her class she said she thought I was a great person. She told me let’s work on building my self-esteem.


She’s really nice 🙂 ❤




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One thought on “nice teacher.

  1. Thanks alot for the update.Will definately refer again!keep it up!

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