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Volunteering is an amazing opportunity. I have signed up to volunteer with American Red Cross and I read something that I would like to share with you.

It is called the Ten Priniciples of Volunteerism:

1. We can broaden our nation’s volunteer force by removing barriers to volunteering
2. Volunteers are not "free"
3. Volunteers contribute more than meets the eye
4. "Volunteer" does not mean "Amateur"
5. Volunteers and the orginization they serve must meet each other’s expectations
6. Volunteers must never be exploited
7. Volunteers make excellent middle and senior managers
8. When recruiting volunteers, it is more important to place the right person in the right job then to attract volunteers at random
9. We can help shape government polices on volunteerism
10. Everyone benefits when nonprofit orginizations collaborate

All of these principles were taken from American Red Cross of the Greater Houston Area handbook. Some were paraphrased and this does not mean I live or am near the Great Houston Area. You can see their website:

If you would like to help people volunteering is the best way to do it, if you do not live in the area of where the events are taking place look for virtual opportunities. For example I dont live in the Great Houston area but there is a virtual opportunity for me to help make disaster relief kits and I could send them to my local Red Cross office. Another example is making cards for veterans, the completed cards I could mail to the designated address. The moral is: There is always a chance to help someone, don’t give up!


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