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its great to talk to your parents, i recomend you do that even if you are afraid to because you never know how they will react

today i talked to my mom and i told her i want to be a peer counselor and she said which is sort of like being a social worker. and she accepted my decision! she was proud of me!

it made me feel really good to not have the pressure of being a doctor on my shoulders and i was happy she wasnt disagreeing with me she was supportive but now i feel afraid because right now im not doing well in some of my classes but im also filled with hope that i can do it

i just dont know how im going to do it yet

so i hope i can take great steps toward the future, yeah i said future. i think i might have one now, i just dont have an exact picture of it but im hopeful

maybe you can look forward to positive things from me now

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