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More Suicide Information

on the first of november  in peer counseling class we had a speaker come in and talk about suicide prevention. here are some notes i took.  she was an awesome speaker


1 out of 7 people in a room will know a person who has thought about or attempted suicide

for ages 13-19 suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death

the #1 way of suicide is hanging

police officers are high risk for suicide,  because they have the gun at their hip  all day  the example she used: they do the formal work at the station, paperwork, then go at the end of the day kill themselves.

suicide is connected to abuse and neglect and to domestic violence

law enforcement and licensed clinicians are the only 2 positions/people that can Baker Act

Baker Act  is being sent into the hospital in a psychriatiric hold for 72 hours. It can be voluntary or involuntary. The police are called to escort a person to the hospital, the person is handcuffed so they dont become a danger to themselves.  After staying in the hospital for 72 hours  you can be released or your parents can sign you to stay longer  or you can be court-ordered to stay longer.

The experience of being Baker Acted  could put you at a higher-risk for suicide

Suicide costs yearly 2 million dollars.  Because suicide impacts the Police who respond, the EMT (ambulance paramedic), and your family.

Your family might have to pay for therapy or if succeed a funeral

Women have more attempts of suicide. Men have more completions.

Suicide is also connected to bullying

Women have a high likelihood of depression but will seek out assistance

The youngest age the speaker has dealt with a completed suicide  was at the age of 7  he was a boy. (That was interesting to learn, I did not know suicide affects people that young)

A good teen therapist does not tell parents what is said unless teen is going to self-harm.

High levels of cortisol in your brain make you feel stressed.


She gave us a packet, i will type for you what it says:


1. It’s very difficult to predict who will kill themselves since most kids do not communicate their intentions.



(I chose false because most people do say something, maybe not outwardly. but some do say things like: the world would be better with out me.  and there are suicide warning signs)

2. It may be helpful to ask a youngster who appears overly depressed, withdrawn, or grief-stricken whether she has ever considered suicide as a solution to her problems.



(I chose true because talking about it helps and  if you talk about suicide it does not put the idea into anyone’s head)

3. Suicide ranks as the fifth highest cause of death among 5-14 year-olds, and only homicide and car accidents kill more kids between the age of 15-24. If your child’s deep depresssion and suicidal talk stops and she suddenly appears very happy and rellieved, you’ll know the crisis has passed.



(I chose false because it iis the 3rd leading cause of death among those 13-19. and if your child was depressed and suddenly feels happy  that does not mean they are ok, that is one sign of depression.  the speaker used an example: if a student comes everyday for a week  not showering  hair messy   the teacher notices and try to talk to the student, after the week  the student comes dressing nice and hair all nice   imagine that student going to friends and saying   it was nice knowing you.   and next day was gone )

4. Most young people who commit suicide have made a clear decision that death is their best option.



(I chose true but im not sure. I chose true because the way of thinking is that the world would be better off, so you kind of do make a final decision)

5. Extraordinary aggressiveness and hostility, hyperactivity, sexual promiscuity, and extreme risk-taking are often signs of impending suicidal attempts.



(I chose true because it might be part of doing things. sometimes you are sad when depressed and then you get elevated moods and you might do things you wouldnt normally do  but im not sure)



 Who can calm me?

When am I calm?

Where am I calm?

What are my favorite activities to calm or regulate me?

Can I ever be calm?


Suicide impacts all cultures, ages and socio economic status. Specifically for children betewwn the ages of 10-19 suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death. More importantly an everyday person has been shown to make a difference in the choice a person makes about ending his/her life.

Here are some warning sings and things to do and not do in case you encounter someone.

Some Warning Signs:

  • Complaints of being bad or awful inside
  • Statements related to not being a good person or a burden to others etc.
  • No interest in the future
  • Changes in interest(s) (i.e. sports, music)
  • Giving away of prized possesions (i.e. ipod, phones, ipad)
  • Sudden change in affect from “down and out” to cheerful- suddenly takes a shower, wears different cheerful outfit as if all is suddenly better.
  • Previous suicide attempt
  • A family history of suicide
  • Access to lethal methods (increase in hanging/suffocation)
  • A stressful life event (can be one single event i.e. financial problem, failing grade)
  • Sometimes they don’t say it they just do something out the ordinary PAY ATTENTION. They are letting you know the best way they know how.


  • DON’T  Panic
  • DON’T  Promise secrecy or confidentiality
  • DON’T  Under react or minimize
  • DON’T  Act like feelings are not valid (i.e. don’t give other examples of things)
  • DON’T  Debate over right or wrong of it
  • DON’T  Rush or lose patience
  • DON’T  Act shocked
  • DON’T  Be judgmental
  • DON’T  Preach to the person
  • DON’T   Leave alone


  • If at night, act– If someone is talking about suicide take them seriously. TELL an adult, Call 911 immediately.
  • At school- contact someone. A suicide designee exsists in every school. Many times it is the guidance counselor. WHO is yours at your school?
  • Stay with the student or person. NEVER LEAVE THEM ALONE.
  • GET some adult intervention
  • Talk about your experience with another adult!


           (the information on this page mostly applies to this state (i.e. New York) so I will not be posting that information)

                                                Community Support

                                            Suicide Prevention Lifeline

                                                 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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