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here is something..announcement

i will be changing the theme of this blog pretty soon

i want to share these two websites with you: and

These websites are awesome, i encourage you to check them out

December 1 i may or may not be posting a letter on here, i dont know if i said i was in a previous post but now i am considering it

A long time ago i said i was going to post some stuff from 8th grade, well i never finished typing everything but i do have some of those saved as drafts, so i will post those soon

I have been doing things on Facebook as Fly Writes and posting some positive things here and there and writing notes. on the page Fly1623 Blog (located near the bottom right of the screen under the calendar, i think. if you sign into facebook you can see what has ben posted there and you also have the option to like the page) i have just asked how everyone is doing, sharing some things, and mentioning about posting here

I hope everyone is doing well. Getting good grades, and even if you aren’t I encourage you to keep trying. "You only fail if you fail to try." "If at first you don’t succeed try, try again" "If you think you can’t, you won’t. If you think you can, you will. Either way you are right" my friend told me: "Never ever give up! God never gives up on you, so never give up :)"

my friend also told me these things: "Sometimes we forget or lose that purpose in our lives! God reminds us, and shows us our purpose! which we were 1st created for!!" "We all still need help! We are humans, we make so much mistakes daily!!!!! So yes, its good to get help from others. But God is the #1 to depend on and trusttt" "Look for God, seek his word. Build a relationship with him! Trust and have faith in him in all times :)"

i was thinking no one needs me that i dont have a purpose and my friend said to me: "Yes, people need you! I might not realize but yes they do! Theres people out there that care about you. And i’m one of them! I care about you, i want to be here for you! Maybe yeah people might not notice you too much, but they will one day! Follow God and be an example. Lead people to be better life! I believe in you and i know for a fact you have a purpose in life. YOU ARE HERE FOR A PURPOSE! Don’t think less of yourself, your amazing!"

just wanted to share that with you, have a good weekend.


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