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10/2/07 Language Arts

(Scenario possibly: we had to write an essay)

                   Teens have a lot of problems that they have to sort out by themselves Think:       or with  the help of their friends, family, and community. What do you think is biggest problem that U.S. teens face today?

Do:        List reasons why you think the problem you cite is the biggest. Give ideas for solving this problem.

biggest problem reasons

  • peer pressure                       running away            weight
  • drugs                                         death
  • rape                                           homelessness
  • std’s                                            sexual orientation
  • sex                                              prostiution
  • crime                                        cars accident
  • abuse                                       gangs
  • rape                                          depression
  • pregnancy                             suicide
  • cancer                                       violence
  • home problems                       parents
  • school                                        divorce

(*homelessness was circled, then the circle was erased. violence is circled.)


violence is the biggest problem that the teens face today because they get killed, innocent people get hurt, more people go to jail


people can watch children

police can monitor the streets

cameras can be built inside school

teachers could walk with students across the street

new laws can be made to prevent situations like the Jena 6 from happening


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