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this is about my style of writing, im sure it can be defined in some way because writing has been around for a long time but i dont know what my style is called. i ask for it to be read and i hope that people think its good at the moment when writing that is my hope after i write it i dont even know what i was thinking or what inspired me to say the things. i wonder what would happen if i ever got famous would i have quotes after me or something that would be pretty cool but i would like to be a good person for people to follow not eccentric i know this is on the internet so it goes worldwide but i would like to think of this blog as a place for the readers and i, i try to encourage people to comment and to email me if they would like to write but the email kind of crashed so i kind of stick to getting people to comment, i made a page on facebook for this blog it doesnt have a lot of likes but i also made a user that has many friends and through that i have made some amazing friends and have been able to talk to poets and discover a lot of talent. im sure if my mom knew about this that this would have stopped happening permanetly a long time ago because so much and a lot of too much information out here goes but even though i dont think i mention names i try to make it as personal or relatable to me as possible (do you get it? i try to be informative sometimes it has nothing to do with me and i just want to share things. i post a lot of links to videos i try to do pictures but they dont work i even tried the music page) those that know me really maybe after reading these things have seen me in a different light or seen a side they didnt know existed but not alot of people that really know me personally know about this or care enough to actually read it.

I did not mean to make this so long, i wanted to explain my style of writing in my own opinion. I thought of this while I was doing my psychology homework, there was this term: Free association

Free association in psychoanalysis, a method of exploring the unconscious in which the person relaxes and says whatever comes to mind, no matter how trivial or embarassing

Psychoanalysis Frued’s theory of personality attributes our thoughts and actions to unconscious motives and conflicts; the techniques used in treating psychological disorders by seeking to expose and interpret unconscious tensions.

I included psychoanalysis just in case anyone didn’t know what that was or wanted to know what it meant, I think my style of writing has to do with free association because I write what comes to mind and I do that whenever I write anything on paper to put here. That’s why, in my opinion, I dont know what I was thinking when I go back and re-read some posts; sometimes they don’t make sense to me. ( i dont regret what i write because it comes straight from my mind and its the way i express myself but i do regret what i say sometimes because i dont know how to say things nicely or without interrupting something but no mattter how you express yourself whether it be verbal or non-verbal and whether you care or not about what you say it does and can have an affect on anyone around you. you never know what your words mean to another person and i dont think you want to be a person no one likes or cant trust or loses people over small things (i do that, not on purpose but there are some lessons i havent learned yet) i know i said i dont regret what i write, even though that is true i dont always want everyone to see it because i know not everyone agrees and im not a good confrontation person and sometimes im afraid of what others will think so i don’t always share and ask me why i write these things i have not found an answer, i would not like to be questioned about my writing negatively like maybe if you asked what inspires me i might have an answer but ask me what i was thinking and your guess is as good as mine )


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  1. fly1623 on said:

    i should have posted these backwards, so you would have to scroll down to read them all, oh well. i hope you enjoy reading these and if not please comment on anything you liked or disliked so i can try to improve. have a good night. and im ok for right now i will try to write some more things for tomorrow

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