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The things I wrote today: 2-15-12

This is what I wrote in my first period, we were doing alot of work though so I lost my train of thought:

Watching time pass through the glass
wondering how long it will last
information, or inspiration passes
goes around and through as I zone out
Government and all its restrictions yet power

We did a lot of work in 2nd period so I didnt write anything there. This what I wrote 3rd period:

Bored out of mind, sleepy but no time
tired of doing things I don’t want to but
need to do the things I have to
I have found relief but not a release
looking but truly am sick
number the ways you’ll last days and years
but there is only one that says "I am the way the truth and the life."
only one that can be the guiding light that will never leave
only one that has a plan and knows all the outcomes
gave you free will but is there to lead you to right choices
no matter where you are in life

Then after writing that, I tried to write a haiku:

foundation focus
inspiration alive now
today moving forward, see?

Then after that I wrote this:

Things in life you can’t control, like death and cancer and loss or lack of certain things. You can control your attitude, actions, and way of life. By who your with what you do and how you want to change the world. You don’t have to do extra-ordinary things to change the world just be a positive influence.

Then I wrote 2 more things but I think those should be seperated into 2 other posts. Will type them up when I can


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