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If you are a high school student, now is a good time as any to start looking for scholarships. Scholarships are a college’s or university’s way of giving you money. There are many out there and some have requirements. Another thing you can search for are grants. Both Scholarships and Grants are money given to you and dont have to pay back. Loans you do have to pay back.

Here are a few websites where you can start your scholarship search:

Check your school office and see if you have a BRACE advisor, they help with college things. If your school doesn’t have one, talk to your guidance counselor about where you can go or how to start applying for scholarships. Talk to your English teacher too, they might be a great resource.

There is a scholarship available for you out there: if you are in high school, if you are spanish, if you are haitian, if you have a disability, if you are a veteran, if you are a child of a veteran, if you are the first kid in the family to go to college.. All you have to do is search for them!

You can do it!!!


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3 thoughts on “Scholarships

  1. As a response to your post, I am disagree to this because your are just neglecting others opinion while you are making your own without listening to the others;

    • fly1623 on said:

      Could you please explain further?
      This is not every scholarship resource available, these are only a few that I know about.

      I encourage people to comment so I can listen to the opinion of others.

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