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Tell Me You’re Alone.

And  I will show you that you are not.

When I say alone I mean by feelings. not like home alone.

We feel many emotions in the course of our lives:





The list can continue but I don’t really know all the emotions.

Everyone has experiences, they go through something:

Alcoholic parent

Parent on drugs

Parents going through divorce

Mom died

Dog Died

Getting evicted

Car Gets Towed

Grandma Dies

That list can go on and on as well, there are so many circumstances that could happen.

I can show you that you are not alone when you go through these things, you are not the only person in the world to have these problems.

I know it may feel that way sometimes.

Here are some ways that I can show you:

Go on youtube and watch some videos of your favorite songs, look at the comments: if one of your favorite songs is a love song   you will see comments about boyfriends and girlfriends

if one of your favorite songs is a christian music song  you will see comments about the work of God or maybe how great He is

if one of your favorite songs is a rock or heavy metal song  you will see comments maybe arguing about what the best band is or how good the song is

if one of your favorite songs is sad  you will see comments of sad stories

Point: Whatever you go and look at, you will see something you can relate to or may be able to agree or disagree with.

There are people that write out there like really awesome,  you could find poems that express how you feel.

There are a lot of different songs out there, you could find one that describes your mood perfectly or better than you could.

(try  on shuffle  or a  playlist  or )

There are hotlines out there, you could call them and find out how you can get help with your situation.

 (I think there is an organization for everything.)

There is Women In Distress, Kids In Distress, Compassion International, Ala Teen, Boys Town, Boys and Girls Club, and so much more that I have failed to mention! and all you have to do is google some of the resources or orginizations.

You do not have to struggle alone, there is help available. 

There are people that have been in your position. And many have succeeded in overcoming.


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