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If you don’t believe

this is going to be long, im letting you know before you start.

I’m not going to say anything is wrong, if you don’t believe. My question is why? There are songs, books, people going around talking about it. Why not believe? Maybe some circumstances make you want to deny it, I understand. I’m still trying to get it.

I want to die every other day, I was fine yesterday but not now. I can ask a million questions, understand for 3 seconds, then still feel the same. I take the medicine but still feel the same.

I know the medicine isnt a miracle drug it wont make the thoughts go away, its supposed to lessen them or stabilize my emotions. It won’t take the thoughts away. I don’t even know what it’s supposed to do.

If you don’t believe. I read about it, try to learn the facts. I listen to people talk about it. I hear stories. I listen to all different stories to gain a better understanding. Some things you can hope to understand, some things are better left alone.

With every question I ask, I get an answer. Sometimes the answer is silence.

Right now I am listening to this:

I like the part where she says we are never the same.

It is true.

I don’t want to say anything else it would just be me  messing up now. Maybe another time, if i dont give up again.


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