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Something I wrote today. This morning.

I don’t break hearts. I ruin lives.

All it takes is a few lies.

I try to make it up, with apologies

Being nice, saying please

Filling a meaningless life with good deeds

But the efforts are futile

Results end up fruitless

The thoughts come and go


Am I making a difference?

A  positive impact?

Or are these just words?

The guilt from lies

makes it hard to

look in your eyes

I’m terrified

that you’ll get angry

that you won’t talk to me

that I’m dying

slowly but surely

with a steady uncertainty

Because the thoughts come and go

I ruin lives

trying to change who I am

yet breaking the world

piece by piece

while aiming to inspire

and bring change called


I don’t have the power to change others

I’m subjective, gullible, niave

I change

My past is behind me

but not over

I use the past as

my present

and it blocks my future

I forget days and times

I try to remember words

and faces

things time could never


not even hate

could efface the

love that never fails,

for love prevails

How can I reach

those who feel alone?

I know I’m not the only


so where can I find the others?

beyond online

beyond a hospital

are there people that feel alone

in my school?

in my neighborhood?

I want to help if I


I want to be a person

that could be of assistance.

I can’t save the world

but that won’t stop

me from trying.

There are hotlines you can call, you can talk to someone trained to handle situations. There are people willing to listen, just remember- it’s dangerous to give your address to someone you don’t know. If you are being bullied make sure to tell someone.

You shouldn’t give out personal information because you never know if someone is pretending to be someone else.

As a kid you learn things ab0ut internet safety, then as you get older you dismiss it or forget it.

Then when something band happens to you, you remember what you were told and beat yourself up for not listening.

I will post some hotlines and websites that have people you could talk to, and feel to share the numbers and sites with your friends and/or family.


I'll write until I die.
It won't always be good.
That's a promise for you.

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