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No such thing as hopeless.

The found love in a hopeless place, the song says.

She survived, we all read.

Im alive, you see. (Still writing..)

I was born premature. I dont know all the details, just know I was very small.

Doctors didn’t think I would live.

Its been 17 years. My birthday was on May 16. I didn’t write about it.


Waiting to be filled

not knowing with what

but tired of angry and of fleeting happiness.

I want to be filled with peace and not lose focus.

im empty without a desire.

I desire to help. To be useful.

I look for approval.

And when I find it, I still look for approval in others.

There is no point in searching because

I don’t even approve myself.

I look for acceptance.


I don’t deserve to be part of something.

Yet, I  strive to be.

I don’t want to be left out…

Everyone is getting older

I should be a part of something.

Im empty looking for a filler.

Life occupies me.


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