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Plans have changed

This is what i was thinking earlier: this plan never stopped. im intent on dying. my waste of air, stupid desire, not needed or wanted. im going to die for no reason.

(the plan im talking about is suicide. ive made a few attempts then got help, but i still think about it)

But plans have changed

Because: i have gotten accepted to a college.  thats like huge!  i didnt think any college would accept me..ever!   so this has to has happened for a reason.

ive decided to keep trying, and talk more instead of staying silent. im hopeful that i dont give up. im going to try and do more than nothing. im going to work on helping others, so i dont feel alone and stuff.

im going to live until i die. im not going to force death to come anymore.


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2 thoughts on “Plans have changed

  1. really glad to hear this, you got accepted in life, dont waste it

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