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Pink Rage

(I said a while ago, that I would post this.  I was upset so I grabbbed pencil and paper. But there was no light, I still decided to write.  I wrote in the dark.)

I can not see the lines in front of me.

do I ever act on the writing

This could all be invisible

This pencil could be unsharpened ~

If I bring this closer the dots just get darker. I hope I am


words are on this paper

I want to kill myself, the dots follow the pencil and the words are unclear I dont think

I don’t think I am dreaming with no lights the paper still looks fresh

This paper feels blank, I am blind  I don’t want to turn on the light and ruin the surprise,

If any, If not I have sped up my demise.

This is a nightmare if this is real.


escape my eyes

and my outlet to write

How will my spirit end?


I’ve gone off the deep end

lost all that I can depend on

I will

If I really am writing  after all I will switch to pen

I looked but will I understand what has come from my own hand.

I want to die, I have lost my mind, I don’t know where I am yet I can think clearly even though I am not speaking, on the inside I am screaming.

(This is where/when I said I was going to post Pink Rage:

new post coming soon it might be title Pink Rage. i wrote it in the dark so bear with me while i try to decipher it um i think thats it so far. im sorry if i made anyone unhappy with my writing. do i ever write positive?? well im going to try harder i know ive said that like 20 times but i will for sure.

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One thought on “Pink Rage

  1. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also

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