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Problems of the world

Problems of the world today



We live for the money

Or the power

Poor conduction

We hold a convention

To discuss the times we live in

A recession comes

Close reminder of the Great Deperession

We panic

Yet it ends

We still have problems

Disasters still come

Its been a while

Since no ones talking is it over?

The earthquake


We prepare for hurricanes.

Can you prepare for pain?

The problems of the world today

They continue to grow

Don’t they?

Statistics show..

Studies say..

We share for a while

We watch for a bit

We make a small difference

Imagine if everyone cared

Could the problem be erased?

Can a system be made for future generations?

Instead of arguing.

Let’s focus on the problems of the world today.

Who can help?

It doesn’t have to be an organization

Or a charity

It could be you

Making a difference

Raising awareness

Being a voice

(I don’t know all the problems of the world. These are just some.)

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