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A lot of words and definitions

  • Stricture -(noun)  criticism
  • Subjugate-(verb) enslave
  • Semblance-(noun) likeness
  • Agnostic-(noun) non-religious
  • Celerity-(noun) quickness
  • Restitution-(noun) payback
  • Amity-(noun) friendship
  • Propel-(verb) launch, move forward
  • Retentive-(adjective) absorb memory
  • Acrimonious-(adjective) sarcastic, bitter
  • Alacrity-(noun) eager; not hesitant
  • Visionary-(adjective) foresight, things ahead
  • Truculent-(adjective) terrifying
  • Affluent-(adjective) wealthy
  • Wrest-(verb) take by force
  • Opportune- timely; perfect time
  • Nominal- trivial; not important
  • Portentous- evil
  • Ponder- think heavily; consider carefully, with great thought
  • Scourge- to whip; beat unmercifully
  • Transitory- brief; fleeting
  • Specious- false; not genuine; fake
  • Refractory- not obedient; stubborn
  • Insolvent- bankrupt
  • Locution- art of speaking
  • Mundane- routine; ordinary
  • Meticulous- detail
  • Predilection- favortism; choosing someone else over someone more qualified
  • Plausible- believable; can happen
  • Rotund- obese; fat; glutton
  • Collaborate- work together
  • Concise- brief
  • Concur- agree
  • Insipid- tasteless; dull
  • Lachrymose- tearful
  • Illustrate- to show; describe
  • Bombastic- arrogant, ranting
  • Propinquity- how close things are
  • Deleterious- harmful; cruel; toxic; causes death
  • Connoisseur- expert
  • August- grand; in large proportion
  • Anglophobe- anyone afraid of Europeans, English, and French people
  • Duplicity- trick; deciet; double-dealing appear to be one thing but not
  • Conducive- assisting
  • Arrogance- proud; concieted; self related
  • Choleric-(adjective) angry; livid, to the point of fighting
  • Filch- take by force
  • Cite- prove with evidence
  • Garrulous- loquacious; talkative; very social
  • Strident- high-pitched
  • Anent-(preposition) concerning
  • Candid- open; honest; straight-forward
  • Banter- teasing
  • Imbue(d)-(verb) take all people and put them together; saturate
  • Circuitous- longer way to get somewhere; “scenic route”
  • Demagoque- somebody who appeals to emotions; manipulator
  • Aggressive- active; quarrelsome
  • Nepotism- favortism; predisposition
  • Hiatus- break; intermission; vactation
  • Emolument-(noun) wages; salary; what you earn
  • Peremptory- anything not to be questioned; absolute
  • Behemoth- large
  • Duress- strained; stress; undue pressure
  • Garrulous- talkative
  • Mountebank- anyone you would go to get illegal substances; supplier, drug dealer
  • Tacit- unspoken; implied
  • Ascetic-(adjective) self-denial
  • Fiasco- failure
  • Harangue- to argue
  • Asperity- treatment of people tough-love
  • Retribution- punishment
  • Chimerical- imaginary; ghost-like; super natural
  • Estranged-(noun) alienated; seperated
  • Inundate-(verb) to flood; over abundance; overwhelm
  • Exacerbate-(verb) to annoy
  • Diurnal- things we do on a daily basis; routine; habit
  • Cogitate- to think carefully; ponder
  • Comely- beauty- pleasing to the eye; attractive
  • Cherubic- angelic; innocent
  • Diatribe- long bitter attack; verbal assault
  • Imminent- likely; likely to occur
  • Compunction- remorse; regret
  • Droll- nonsensical; simple-minded; innane; boring
  • Convivial- outgoing; social; lively; upbeat
  • Stalwart- strong, impervious; impenetrable
  • Germane- relevant; pertaining; anent
  • Tawdry- cheap; showy; gawdy
  • Surreptitious- sneaky; clandestine; stealthy
  • Hermetic- sealed up; air-tight;
  • Exigency- urgent;
  • Hilarious- jocular; funny
  • Expurgate- censor:

There are more word I just cant finish typing them now, this will be updated.

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One thought on “A lot of words and definitions

  1. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet.

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