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Awesome Conversation

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like lesbian.

You: hi

You: can i just compliment you?

Stranger: you want to compliment me?

You: yes

You: tell you that you’re beautiful

You: amazing

You: awesome

Stranger: how sweet lol

You: 🙂

You: yeah not a lot of girls stay on long enough with me, i had to tell at least one

Stranger: yeah but some ppl on here are weirdd but your nice 🙂

You: thanks

Stranger: no problemm

You: so are you ok?

Stranger: yeah im fine why?

You: just asking.

Stranger: oh ok lol

You: want to talk about anything? am i asking too many questions?

Stranger: lol no your fine anything u want to talk about?

You: some things yes

Stranger: go ahead lol

You: are you single?

You: have you wanted to die before?

You: and whats your favorite word

Stranger: not right now, no and my fav word I have no clue lol

You: nice

Stranger: what about you?

You: im single, wanted to die before, favorite word: awesome

Stranger: oh why would you want to die?

You: because i think the world would be better without me, everyone i know would be happier if i was gone, i dont have confidence or self-esteem so im just wasting everyones time being alive

You: i think about it alot

Stranger: oh that sucks, just stay strong

You: why?

Stranger: theres so much to live for why end life early if theres better things to come?

You: its not coming

You: i deserve to die.

Stranger: why would you say that?

You: if i want to, but dont do it. im just a liar.

You: im a horrible person.

Stranger: I bet your not, from what ive seen. why would you say tour a horrible person is there a reason?

You: ive lied before only to get lied back to. i cant keep friends.

You: i do something to mess everything up.

Stranger: that doeant mean you cant change things

You: im useless outside of this computer. no one likes me. i dont talk.

You: i might as well be dead. it wont be a big deal

Stranger: may I ask how old you are?

You: 17

Stranger: you still have so much in life, soon you could go off to college and meet new.people and.start over thongs can get better

Stranger: things my bad

You: im in college. my friends dont last with me, they move on

You: i just suck.

Stranger: make new ones, you dont have to lie or anything

Stranger: things can get better

You: they cant

Stranger: how do you know?

You: i make things worse

You: just by breathing 😦

Stranger: no you dont I promise you dont. just give life a chance, stay strong and dont give up your so young you shouldnt think about dying

You: its an option

You: i bet even you would be happy if i died

Stranger: it is, but a bad one. but taking your own life is harder than how bad some ones life is. and no I doubt, I think you are really nice

Stranger: dont not doubt

You: why do you want to live?

Stranger: because every life has purpose and theres so much for

You: i dont have a purpose

Stranger: yes, your just in a bad place right noww , every bad thing most likely goes away through time

You: i didnt mean to bring you down, forget ive said anything. you’ve said some awesome things

You: would you mind if i shared this conversation with others?

You: sorry

Stranger: its alright and sure of course you can

You: can i ask how old are you?

Stranger: all I have to say is stay strong and im rather young but I know alot about this but im 14

You: is there anything you would want me to take out of this conversation, or is it ok to share all of it?

Stranger: its all fine with me

You: no way! for 14 you’re amazingly awesome

You: how do you know about it?

Stranger: aw thanks lol and alot of my friend go throught the same thing

You: if i was on a cliff you would have talked me off it

Stranger: I try 🙂

You: what do you want to be when your older?

Stranger: no clue at all lol

You: well, whatever it is, you’re going to be awesome at it

Stranger: thanks so much it means alot 🙂

You: your friends come to you with these things? and you havent thought about it?

You: i feel like you’re a superhero and im interviewing you

Stranger: sort of, I might have but taking my life would be scary snd everyone has purpose.. and aw thanks your so sweet 😦

Stranger: whoops

Stranger: 🙂

You: do you have any inspirations?

You: do you know people that have taken their life?

Stranger: no not really I kbow ppl who have attenpted suicide but I just dont like the thought of that

Stranger: kniw, and attemped my bad

Stranger: know lol dumb phone

You: you have a girlfriend?

Stranger: no im single right now

You: 😮 i asked and you said not right now

You: you’re still awesome!

Stranger: im like in a break sort of lil an thannkkss 🙂

You: oh, well have they thought about it before?

You: have you hurt yourself before, like cutting or burning on purpose?

Stranger: no never had the heart to do it

You: ok. last question: any advice for people struggling with these things?

Stranger: well if things look bad now it will get better eventually . you just have to stay strong and if it to the point where you want to take your life, get help


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3 thoughts on “Awesome Conversation

  1. You: you’re super amazing
    Stranger: aw,thank you and you are too dont let anyone tell you different 🙂
    You: what if i tell myself different?
    Stranger: if you tell yourself different, your wrong lol

  2. Thank god i found this, but im the one who talked to you and im sorry i disconnected my phone went totally dead, thank god i saved the link to this. if you want to ask me anything more or talk at all ill leave my email or something 🙂

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