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Who am I?

Im not awesome..
Im someone that lies, that messes up.
someone that runs away when things get hard
someone that wants to die instead of live and see what happens
someone who doesnt like being lied to, ignored, or abandoned
someone that tries to help others…
someone that hopes for others to be better than myself
Im someone thats the opposite of what I say
there is a different me compared to online and off-screen
Im someone that yells at a little brother
someone that doesnt talk to friends unless I have a question or need a favor
someone that hides stuff from my parents
someone that tries hard to pass class in school but doesn’t really care what happens
someone that doesnt know what to do
I honestly don’t know who I am.
I change
depending on the moment, who you are,
the only consistent thing about me
is that I mess up

I try to help people, but it may seem im more supportive of one cause then the other.
I say not to kill yourself, I post information on what you should do, but at the same time I want to kill myself.

I don’t know who I am..

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