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Dead men don’t cry.



After several years of being a widower, with the sad taste of missing his wife everyday, death came calling. The first thought his newly transformed brain could process was the excitement from the prospect of reuniting with his wife.  His body was taken to the mortuary as sobs and wail engulfed all related to him. If only they knew the dead man’s delight, perhaps they would have dried their tears and moved on.

The length of time it took for the arrangement of his funeral was about the same time needed to get his visa to the other side validated. He couldn’t wait. He logged on to his Chitchat-for-the-dead profile, a social media network for dead people, and posted countdowns as the days rolled by. And as days rolled by, they rolled down to the ‘d’ day he had been anticipating. His body was laid to rest as his visa got validated.

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