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Conversation with a stranger. Subject: Suicide

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like suicide.

You: is suicide the answer?

Stranger: sometimes i think it is

You: what do you do to keep living?

Stranger: i dont have the guts to take my life

You: are you happy being alive?

Stranger: its not all that,

You: ok. thank you for the help

Stranger: o.o

You: I think its the answer. but I don’t want it to be, so I thought asking would help. it did, sort of.

Stranger: naaah its not the answer

You: why not?

Stranger: there’s so much to do

You: I don’t want to do anything.

Stranger: then thats just lazy. .-.

You: ok,  what is there to do?

Stranger: start a collection, take part in charity or hobby, raise money and set goals to achieve

You: what if its never going to be achieved? if you take part of something but it means nothing? if you start a hobby  but stop liking it?

Stranger: it’s always going to seem like that if you keep that attitude

You: what attitude am I supposed to have then?

Stranger: a positive one

Stranger: to keep moving forward

Stranger: think of somthing you want to change about yourself, then do it

Stranger: if not possible, accept it. it’s who you are

You: if who I am is a negative person, then what should I do?

Stranger: then change your outlook on life

Stranger: start writing poetry, keep a diary.

Stranger: then after you’ve changed your outlook, look back at the diary

Stranger: then you’ll see how much you’ve changed

Stranger: im pretty sure you’re still young

Stranger: and have your whole life ahead of you

Stranger: one day youll look back and think, “was that really me?”

Stranger: you’ll grow wise im sure

You: i write, ive kept a diary and i haven’t changed. and there are moments when i do but then i end up thinking negative again

Stranger: the same thing happens to me

You: but you must be pretty positive, if you’re giving advice and stuff.

Stranger: meh

Stranger: it all goes away when im depressed

Stranger: for no good reason

Stranger: .-.

You: do you do what you said?  writing and keeping the diary?

Stranger: i dont keep a diary, but i do write poetry.

You: does it help?

Stranger: it’s just a substitute for cutting. it helps get my feelings out which is a good thing i guess.

You: so you’re alive because there are things to do?

Stranger: basically

Stranger: well, i have school

Stranger: and i have interests that id like to keep

Stranger: and i wanna know what its like to fall in love, im waiting for that’

Stranger: its something for me to look forward to

Stranger: like going to my first strip club or something!:D

Stranger: or when im able to drive

Stranger: ot get into collage, get my own place, and a job

Stranger: or*

You: what happens after you do all of the things that you want to do? then what do you do?

Stranger: well

Stranger: the goals you set now

Stranger: probably arent going to be the same exact goals youll have as you get older

Stranger: because as you get older, you’ll set new goals

Stranger: and new oppurtunities will come your way

Stranger: you have your whole life to think about, all you need is hard work, and patience and everything will go smoothly

Stranger: rough times will come and go

Stranger: you’ll be able to pick yourself up after youve been knocked down

Stranger: especially with the new attitude im hoping you’ll grow into

You: is a plan like a goal?

Stranger: yea you can say that

You: ok

You: can i quote what you said?

Stranger: sure

Stranger: what are you quoting?

You: pretty much everything


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